We like to see each other well, feel better, look kind and feelthe joy that last year’s pistachio dress comes as a glove. We know that to enjoy all that we have to put something on our side, do some activity. 

We were told that Fitness could help us. We have friends with a wonderful state so they practice it in a gym or with a personal trainer. We can’t all. Many of us have occupations and chores that eat our leisure time.

I was told I could do Fitness in my own home, which worked, though, as in everything, you have to make sure you do it properly to get the results we want. It is not difficult if we have constancy and follow the correct indications. 

Content Table

1. Fitness Benefits

2. Before to start. Objectives

3. The i,portance to warm our body

4. Daily exercises

5. Balanced diet

6. Keep calm

7. Healthy habits

8. A commitment to yourself

1. Fitness Benefits

To become a fitness woman it is not necessary to leave your skin every day in long workouts or to continue strenuous diets, although it is important that you make a pact with yourself to maintain a regularity and clearly define the objectives, not matter how ambitious they may seem at first.

Constancy can work wonders, and nothing is better forconstancy than experiencing the benefits you will notice inyour body and in your mind every day. So what can you expectfrom the constant practice of Fitness?

1.1 To begin you will notice a rise in your endorphins, also called happiness hormones. These substances that are released through the spinal cord and blood circulation arestimulated by physical exercise-fitness exercises are very appropriate-the practice of sex or certain foods such asthose containing Omega 3. 

In case you think little, there are very serious scientific studies that associate the production of endorphins to emotional control, to the improvement of memory and attention, to the streng thening of the immune system, thus preventing indispositions and ailments of your organism. I fall this is not enough, I’ll tell you more: endorphins help you lose weight. 

Yes. When we have low levels of endorphins in our organism, the body asks us to eat churros, cakes, all very sweet… Or fatty, like oily fries accompanied by greas ysauces, in short, foods full of fatty acids, real caloric bombs that not only contribute to overweight but also alter the good functioning of our organs In mates and we are predisposed to diabetes, circulatory disorders and a long etcetera of ailments. 

And finally, a high level of endorphins improves your partner life and ignites the most passionate moments of your intimate relationships. 

2. Before to Start: Objectives

If you are already motivated by the benefits of Fitness practice and aware that your practice is something that is worth committing to, fine! You just gave the first step. Now you have to set your first goals. With realism. 

Let’s start with the materials you need to get going. In the intimacy of your house, it will suffice with a comfortable and light clothing that allows you to do the exercises without restriction of movements. The dumb bells of 1 Kg of weight that you will need for the exercises, you can replace them, for example, with plastic bottles with water.

The regular practice of Fitness does not mean that you have todo a daily session. You can set three or four days a week, depending on your chances, in 1-hour sessions. 

I also recommend that you determine the duration of this first encounter with Fitness, which is an acceptable period, 6-8weeks. 

It’s okay to start. Set your own control points and check them in a notebook, weight, waist, hip measurement… Whatever you think is going into your goals. 

Another thing you also have to know is that the goal of this Fitness program is not to stay in the bones. That’s not the point. 

The results of this regular practice will be noticing more and more, and you will see how your body fat is reduced and your muscle mass is taking tone and firmness, your muscles will be more defined and your movements will be more agile, precise and elegant. 

3. The importance of warm your body

At the start of the session, you will be fine to take a couple of minutes of preparation, to leave out the activities and thoughts, to leave out your fitness session all the distractions that disturb your concentration.

Start by activating the cardiovascular tone. You can do it with short series of abdominals, pushups and squats, all at a gentlepace, now it’s all about getting warm.

To improve the development of the session and avoid injuries it is advisable to do some stretching: knees, elbows, wrists, shoulder and neck. Then, and to finish the heating, you make a series of approximation. 

This is aimed at activating the central nervous system. Now you’re going to give the movements more intensity and speed to accelerate the heart rate. You can include in that exercise the vertical jump (10-12 times), Jump rope (15-20 times), squats (10-12 times), bends with knees on the ground (10-12 times), hyperextensions with arms (10-12 times), elevations of hips in the ground (6-8 times). 

It is not necessary to do all these exercises to make a correct warm up, I recommend that of these six exercises proposed choose the four that best consider and you go varying in the successive sessions. 

4. Daily exercises

1. Shoulder exercise

1 Take dumbbells (or bottles) with your hands.

2 Bend the elbows so that the arms are up.

3 Elevate the arms until they are straight.

4 Counts up to 3 and returns slowly to the initial position 5 beam 3 Series of 12 repetitions.

Shoulder exercise

2. Front Arm Extensions

1 Take dumbbells (or bottles) with your hands.

2 You start with your arms down and glued to the body.

3 Extend and slowly lift the arms up and in front of the body.

4 Stay in that position while counting to 3 and then slowly lower your arms. Make 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Front Arm Extensions

3. Knee Lifts

1 Elevate the knee to the chest as much as you can with the straight back.

2 Keep your position as long as you can.

3 Regain normal position and do it with the other leg. 4 Beam 3 Series of 12 repetitions.

Knee Lifts

4. Calf extension

1 With your feet apart, stand in front of a wall.

2 Put the palms of your hands on the wall at shoulder height.

3 Take a step back so that shoulder, hip, knee and ankle are in a straight line and the foot is flat on the ground.

4 Press against the wall leaning forward.

5 Stay in that position without raising the ground floor while counting up to 3. 6 do 12 reps

Calf Extension

5. Leg Lift

1 You can do it by elevating both legs at the same time or alternating.

2 with your feet on the ground, elevate your body to tiptoe.

3 stay in that position for 4 or 5 seconds. If you have balance problems you can hold on to a fixed point.

4 Do 3 Series of 12 repetitions.

6. Circular exercise with ankles

1 Make a circular motion with your foot by turning your ankle from left to right 25 times and then in the opposite direction.

With these exercises you can complete a good Fitness session but, of course, you can incorporate new exercises and replace them with others.

5. Balanced diet

Although you do not need to follow an aggressive diet, you will do well to control a little food. Surely at this point there is nothing you do not know, but it is worth remembering.

You know that the excess sugar, trans or hydrogenated fats are not suitable, very common in the industrial pastries, there fined flours present in the white bread, the pastries or the pizza masses.

The most suitable carbohydrates you will find in the whole oats, the whole rice or the whole bread. Reducing carbohydrates also helps you reduce weight. Remember that every gram of carbohydrate holds 3 to 4 grams of water.

Don’t forget fruits and vegetables that are also carbohydrates, very healthy, that provide fiber, water and a great variety of nutrients. You know the importance of proteins.

You’ll find a healthy source of protein in the chicken breast, eggs, or blue fish. Fats are welcome, the monounsaturated of olive oil, nuts or avocados, for example, that play an essential role in the assimilation of vitamins in your body, regulate hormone production and improve the quality of skin, hair and nails.

If we talk about drinking, I’m just going to recommend water, plenty of water. You should not believe the advertising of isotonic drinks, laden with artificial sweeteners, sugars and often carbonated ingredients that can cause gas, swelling and other discomfort.

Canned fruit juices also tend to carry too much sugar. Better if the juice you prepare at home, although there is nothing like eating the fruit to fully enjoy its flavor, freshness and nutritional properties.

6. Keep calm

I have already told you that with the regular Fitness practice you will wake up the endorphins that you have sleeping in your body and that this will give your life more joy, more vitality and more serenity.

It will also allow you to distance yourself from the annoying or conflicting situations of ordinary life and its negative consequences which, with the endorphins awake, will allow you a positive and operative approach.

After all, it’s not the same as having to resolve conflicts by being part of them if you stay out of them. From the first sessions you will experience changes in your organism and in your life and you can take advantage of this happy circumstance to reach a state of equilibrium and inner harmony as in some moments you had imagined and not always thought possible.

The most important thing, I repeat, yes, is your commitment to yourself in the regular, constant practice of your home Fitness sessions.

7. Healthy habits

Starting the Fitness practice is to introduce a change lever in your life. This has to do with all your activities and the world around you.

This healthy practice will deploy a positive influence that facilitates other healthy practices that reinforce each other and have a powerful effect on your environment, on your family, on your work, on your studies, on… everything!

1 Take your time and you will get farther

Don’t be fooled by the short term. The purpose is not to lose weight quickly in a couple of weeks. The purpose is to gain health, vitality and serenity and, as a consequence, you will lose weight. Start with a smooth pace of work in the first few sessions and see increasing little by little. If you start with strong rhythms incur risks of injury, fatigue, discouragement… Before you see any results.

2 Do not let yourself overcome by fatigue

After a Fitness session you can have a drink to get better. Fruit, yogurt or juices can be adequate food if you do not have to spend much time until the time of a main meal (lunch or dinner). It is always advisable to remember that the feeling of hunger has nothing to do with your need to nourish yourself. The need to eat is regulated by the amount of glucose in the blood and by a gastric hormone that is incorporated into the blood to tell our brain to eat. But this mechanism is not as mechanical as it may seem and is easily deceived by all kinds of stimuli: The view of a plate of food, the smell of a food, the ambient temperature, the degree of anxiety…

3 Sleep!

If you are reading this, if you have come this far, do not doubt that you are an active, restless and determined woman. More reason to remind you of the importance of the sleep.

Not all of us need the same hours of sleep, but we all know the hours of sleep our organism needs. Sleep The hours you need!

But as important as sleeping hours is the quality of that dream, Fitness can also not help you sleep longer, but it does make these hours of sleep have a more repairing effect. So, put on your side, don’t haggle for hours on your break.

8. A commitment to yourself

Finally, allow me to congratulate you on your decision to start in the practice of Fitness. As I’ve been saying from the beginning, the most important thing is the commitment to yourself, the regularity of the practice as you have initially raised it.

Nothing can replace the impulse of your engagement, but you can get some help. In this sense I recommend that you consult the effects of a product like E8Sport.

E8Sport’s Fortium program will help you in your purpose, because it improves your strength and stamina and increases your muscular definition. Look what Noemí Pena says, Fitness Professional: “With E8Sport, my physical performance and resilience have improved dramatically.

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